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  1. Ah bah on est bien avancés pour retrouver les vaches, merci de votre aide les gars XD

    J'adore tellement leur traducteur pourri. Je m'amuse à lire la version en anglais aussi x)


    En avant pour de nombreuses aventures futures!
    Et je garde la dernière réplique pour un usage perso. XD

  4. Are the alien speech bubbles all supposed to make almost no sense, or did translating them into English make it worse?

    1. I guess it depends on the bubble. Let's take the bubble that says :


      Absolutely at all ! The scientiant individuality calculated milko-sapien for this teaching.


      Tout à fait // du tout! L'individualité scientiante // calculait // le lacto-sapien // pour // cet enseignement.

      I broke down the French into bits for easier explanation ; when you read the French, the way it's done is like taking a thesaurus and replacing the words / groups of words with something similar, but that you would never use in that context, to give the feeling of "alien translation". In the French version at least, it's really well done, and I live for those bubbles. I don't know for the English version, cause I read the comic in French. If you want (another) English equivalent of what is done here, read a few strips of "Strange planet" by Nathan Pyle (you can find them for free on his instagram). The concept is the same as here, aliens that are walking inadequate thesaurus for comic relief in the form of unexpected phrasing.

      Back to that bubble speech, though :

      Tout à fait => Absolument
      du tout ! => pas !
      L'individualité scientiante => La scientifique
      calculait => comptait
      le lacto-sapien => sur l'humaine
      pour => pour
      cet enseignement => ce renseignement.

      It's how "I" interpret it, obviously I could be wrong.

      So now we have :

      Absolument pas ! La scientifique comptait sur l'humaine pour ce renseignement.

      Which could translate as :

      Absolutely not ! The scientist was counting on the human for this information.

      And you have :

      Absolutely at all ! The scientiant individuality calculated milko-sapien for this teaching.

      I feel like it's quite a similar quality of "alien garbage translation" in both languages. Just like in French, you use the verb "to count" both to count things and to count on someone, relying on them. I imagine that differing semantic associations would the first reason why a traduction would not be as good ; but English is not my first language, so you'll be the judge of it ^^

      The last bubble is admittedly more difficult. My guess is that there must some French idiom going like : "On a pas fini de sortir/trier ... " but I can't say which one (I guess I'm not that good at my own mother tongue). To me, it feels like the whole initial sentence is an idiom, so obviously it's more difficult to understand, especially after a translation.

      Hope that helps answer your question ^^

    2. It's ALMOST this indeed lmao!
      'The scientiant individuality" were for simply... "I" x) the alien calls themself like it.
      About the last bubble, it's a very rough alien translation of "on n'a pas le cul sorti des ronces" (we don't have our asses got out from the bushes) but with tumbleweeds.... because... wild west 8)

    3. MOUAHAH AH, I'm so happy I came back to read the comments for this :D :D :D On n'a pas l'cul sorti des ronces, thanks for the gem, I'm crying 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

      I almost never look at the comments (I think it was the second time since I started reading this comic), but now I'm gonna make a habit out of it ^^

  5. Yeaaaaah félicitations !! :D
    J'adore la façon de parler des aliens haha !

  6. Bien vu, le Google translate des aliens xD

    Toujours aussi passionnante , cette aventure :D

  7. Je vois que Google fait aussi des ravages dans les traducteurs aliens. Maudites supermégacorporations.


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